Paula’s Choice – Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant Review

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Paula’s Choice – Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant

Paula's Choice - Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant

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What It Is:

Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant;

This fast absorbing Liquid Exfoliant that removes built-up dead skin cells and fights blackheads. An award-winning treatment for skin that is prone to breakouts.This gentle, lightweight fluid quickly exfoliates dead skin cells both on the surface and deep inside pores to reveal smoother, clearer, more radiant-looking skin.

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Skin Type:

Combination skin and Oily skin.

Paula's Choice - Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant

What It Does:

When the Liquid Exfoliant is applied to the skin, the liquid is rapidly absorbed; the leave-on formula is a gentle, non-abrasive solution. The Salicylic Acid (BHA) chemically exfoliates the surface of the skin, this allows for the removing of dead cells and unclogging pores, leaving your skin with an even and refined texture.

BHA (salicylic acid) has anti-inflammatory properties, and helps to reduce blackheads, blemishes, and calm redness.

With the addition of Green Tea, this delivers antioxidants to neutralize free radicals to provide essential anti-aging properties. While Methylpropanediol optimizes the effectiveness of the BHA and hydrating properties, that leaves a smooth, dewy, fresh finish.

You will find your skin is left feeling cleansed and decongested, with a clarified and balanced tone.

All skin types can use this product, but it’s particularly well-suited for those who have combination or oily skin that is prone to getting clogged pores. The liquid solution is easy to apply, and won’t feel oily.

As with all Paula’s Choice Skincare products, the formula is fragrance-free and Non-irritating, which is always good news for skin.

This product is Not tested on animals.

Ingredients: Click To SeeAqua, Methylpropanediol (hydration), Butylene Glycol (hydration), Salicylic Acid (Beta Hydroxy Acid, exfoliant), Polysorbate 20 (stabilizer), Camellia Oleifera (Green Tea) Leaf Extract (skin calming/antioxidant), Sodium Hydroxide (pH balancer), Tetrasodium EDTA (stabilizer).

How To Use:

Apply once or twice daily after cleansing and toning.

Lightly soak a cotton pad, and apply to entire face. Around the eye area caution is needed to avoid lower lash line, and eyelids.

Do not rinse.

When applied in the morning, follow with a broad-spectrum sunscreen rated SPF 30 or higher.

Please Note: Those allergic to aspirin (acetylsalicylate) should not use products containing salicylic acid (beta hydroxy acid).

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Conclusion: Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant

For people who have skin types that vary, you can use this on areas of your skin that are oily and prone to breakouts or blackheads, most frequently the nose and chin. Then on your forehead, cheeks, and neck, you can use the AHA exfoliant.

When using AHA and BHA products, give 2-3 weeks to see results. This will allow for the old skin to be replaced with new fresh, healthier looking skin.

Don’t feel you have to use any one product all over your face, go by what your skin is telling you and apply accordingly.

Some people say that AHA and BHA products can make skin more sensitive. What you need to remember is that you are removing extra layers of dull skin. The new skin beneath will be more sensitive to sun exposure. You combat that by applying a broad spectrum sunscreen SPF30 or higher every day, which is essential for healthier, younger-looking skin.

I would recommend this product.

Have you used any Paula’s Choice Products? Please leave any comments or questions below, and I will be happy to discuss them with you.

4 Replies to “Paula’s Choice – Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant Review”

  1. I always look forward to using this Exfoliator. My skin absorbs the liquid and I can feel it remove built-up dead skin, leaving my face and skin feel like new. I was always prone to breakouts, but since using this they have become few and far between. I now make sure to keep this in good supply, it is my ‘skin guardian’ and love that extra pampered feeling it gives.

  2. Hi, since using this Salicylic acid I have found it cleared small dry, sun damaged areas on my skin that were developing. After using it I apply Paula’s Choice 1% Retinol, they are a great combination for my skin.

  3. Hi my skin feels in need of some pampering! These Paula’s Choice products sound just the job, i have ordered Skin Perfecting Exfoliant along with some Moisturiser and serum for Mothers Day 👍

  4. I must say I’m delighted with Paula’s choice products, I definitely can see a big difference in the appearance and condition of my skin. Thanks for recommending these products & on how to use them. Great post.

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