The Medical Benefits Of CBD Oil

Researchers have found therapeutic characteristics associated with CBD extracts in recent years. One such beneficial preparation is CBD oil. The benefits of CBD oil are pretty impressive.

CBD Oil And The Law

CBD Legal

The number of CBD – short for ‘Cannabidiol’ users has doubled in the last year, and you will find it being used in many things from snacks to moisturizers, it’s fair to say products that contain CBD (including oils, extracts, etc.) seem to be emerging everywhere.

The acceptance of CBD oil is currently increasing across the western world, both as a medicine used to ‘treat’ a variety of different conditions and as a general mood manager. However, when most people consider CBD oil or even the use of any cannabis compound in general, their first thoughts are of the USA; after all, nowhere else permits any kind of cannabis products, do they?

Well, you may be surprised to learn that the CBD debate in the UK has run for a heck of a long time, and it has finally culminated in the legalization of cannabis to treat a few specific conditions.

The UK has consistently been one of the most stringent modern nations against any form of cannabis legalization. Due in part to a somewhat rigid Conservative government, the UK generally has seen cannabis as a great evil.

Perhaps this is understandable given the reputation it has had dating back to the early ’60s, but, over recent years medical studies have discovered the benefits to be gained from controlled use, but the UK government has been ‘typically’ some might say, slow to act. However, this has gradually begun to change.

The UK’s progress in legalizing medicinal cannabis products will move the country’s policy to carefully follow those in places such as Canada, Holland, Portugal and the bulk of states in the USA.

How Do Authorities Think CBD Can Benefit Patients?

CBD What Are The Benefits:

Any research on cannabis in the UK has been restricted since it was classified as a schedule 1 drug with no recognized therapeutic benefits, meaning that Home Office licenses would be needed to examine or review the drug.

In an article recently published for the British Medical Journal, Professor Mike Barnes, an expert in medicinal cannabis explained: “cannabis could be useful for the treatment of chronic pain, spasticity, nausea and vomiting in chemotherapy and drug-resistant epilepsy, among other conditions.”

Importantly, CBD is a ‘non-psychoactive’ chemical compound oil, made from the flowers of the cannabis plant through various extraction methods.

It doesn’t have an effect on the central nervous system because it does not contain Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the ‘other’ crucial compound in cannabis which causes users to get ‘high.’

Video – The Health Benefits of CBD

Why Is CBD Causing A Stir In Medical Fields?

The Medicals Benefits of CBD Oil – Cannabidiol, are believed to be very significant. CBD can be obtained from two different species of the Cannabis Sativa L plant, which consist of Cannabis and Hemp. Contrary to its rival THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD does not make people feel ‘stoned’ or ‘high’ and can, in fact, avert the psycho activity of THC.

All of this means that products containing CBD, such as oils and extracts (which contain concentrated amounts of the compound), will not lead to changes in mood and perception in the way that recreational use of marijuana in its complete form is known to do.

As one of the benefits of CBD is the non-psychoactive effect on people, this makes it an appealing preference for people looking for relief from inflammation, anxiety, insomnia, seizures, spasms, and other conditions.

Over the last century, doctors have learned that our bodies have receptors within the brain and central nervous system. Specific authentic Cannabinoids such as CBD bind to those receptors and activate the ‘EndoCannabinoid System’ (ECS). This then produces a wide range of psychological and physical benefits helping the body.

Without getting too scientific, Cannabinoids send a signal to the body to create Endocannabinoids and increase more receptors. This helps the body to inhibit things associated with pain and inflammation, repairs cells and provides a wide range of other health benefits. Unlike other Cannabinoids, CBD is thought to be the ideal anti-inflammatory Cannabinoid.



This is the part of the law people need to be fully aware of in the UK. If a CBD product that has traces of psychoactive substances (THC ) that you find in Cannabis, this is considered to be a controlled substance under the 1971 Act and is therefore unlawful to possess and supply unless it meets the ‘exempt product’ criteria outlined in the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001.

Products containing CBD are not considered illegal so long as they contain only trace amounts of THC, and by this, we mean not over 0.02%.

Legal Use of CBD

Although, if products contain CBD which acknowledges medicinal benefits they must be licensed by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency. Always check with the ‘local’ Laws where you are resident. (Hope that clears things up!)

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Are Hemp And CBD Oil Alike?

Although both are made from the same Cannabis plant, CBD oil is made from the flowers, leaves, and stalks of the plant, whereas Hemp Oil is made from the seeds.

Hemp oil could contain a lot of Cannabis that may or may not contain small or large amounts of CBD.

Hemp, which contains low levels of both CBD and THC is used primarily as a food supplement owing to its high levels of vitamins B and E. It is also rich in antioxidants and is a predominant in health food products.

In oil form, it’s often found in shampoos and lotions throughout the world.

The Medical Benefits Of CBD?

When administered in small, regulated doses, CBD oil provides an anticonvulsant effect on your brain. By doing so, it reduces the severity of seizures and improves seizure control. In some youngsters, it has been found to adjust sleep patterns and behavioral changes.

CBD also has fewer side effects when compared to THC. You cannot develop a tolerance for CBD when used for any length of time, and there are barely any withdrawal symptoms.

It is also used for anxiety and as an antidepressant, this oil has been seen to reduce anxiety, depression, treat insomnia, and to control panic attacks caused by stress in children.

Children and teenagers with anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) who used CBD oil showed noticeable improvements.

Research in this field is yet to understand what influence CBD’s have on the brain entirely, but there is sufficient promising data to prove the potential this oil has on such patients.

CBD Can Reduce Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain Relief

Historically, CBD has been known to provide relief to people suffering from migraines, tension related headaches, and chronic daily headaches.

Also, people who are suffering from chronic pain in the back, neck, or shoulders, menstrual cramps, and migraines do not always respond to routine opioid painkillers. In the before-mentioned cases, CBD oil with traces of THC comes as a huge relief to these people.

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CBD Balm

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Treat Side Effects Linked With Cancer

Finding a cure for cancer is the massive dilemma that doctors and scientists desperately want to attain.

Chemotherapy is one solution offered to slow its growth. However, it has many side effects like nausea, dehydration, loss of appetite, fatigue, and a weak immune system.

Although CBD oil is not a cure for cancer, using it can help to prevent suffering some of the side effects you get from chemotherapy treatment. This is because CBD can activate particular receptors on the brain cells that produce anti-nausea like effects.

Help Contain Neurodegenerative – Neurological Disorders

People suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Tourette syndrome, and other neurodegenerative and motor disorders, these can be managed by taking regulated doses of CBD oil.

It enhances the quality of life for these patients, preventing extreme behavioral changes, reduces anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, post-traumatic stress and progressive memory loss (dementia).

In motor disorders patients aged 1-17 yrs, CBD oil reduces the intensity of spasms, improves spasticity, and controls myalgia (muscle pains) due to it having analgesic, antispasmodic, and anti-inflammatory properties.

How To Take CBD Oil – Daily Intake

Picture showing CBD droplets

If you are still considering using CBD oil for its amazing benefits, here are some things you might want to keep in mind:

Pure CBD (hemp) oil can be consumed orally in small doses – as directed. Taken as a nutritional supplement, it contains good fats (EFA), vitamins E and A, and many minerals.

The intake of CBD is mainly dependent on the BMI (Body Mass Index) of the individual and the problem that’s being addressed.

Doses of CBD oil or extracts can vary, ranging from 1 mg/day up to approx’ 1000 mg per/day is deemed to be safe.

Each one of us reacts to a ‘set’ dose of CBD uniquely. Do not try to self-medicate or work out a CBD oil dosage without proper medical supervision/advice.

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Important Information – Caution

Information Key

It is still illegal to use or procure CBD or similar products in some parts of the world. The law in different parts of the world varies greatly, so do check it is okay to use it where ever you maybe living.

Also, it is worth pointing out that ‘CBD Oil’ is available to buy over the internet, most of these items are unlikely to meet the required purity standards and may, therefore, be illegal and probably dangerous. You have to be 100% sure you are purchasing from a reputable company when buying CBD or any health products online.

Follow legal procedures, if any, to obtain the best/ the purest CBD oil.

Consult your physician and/or psychologist to decide the correct dosage for you.

So, we come to the obvious question on peoples mind, and something they are fascinated to know –

What Are The Side Effects Of Using CBD Oil?

CBD Bottle and Plant

CBD being a component of marijuana, there are possibilities of having side effects when you take CBD oil in very high doses.

It is also possible that the oil itself might have traces of psychoactive ingredients like THC. The CBD oil might not give you a ‘high’ but can result in any or all of the symptoms listed below:

• Diarrhoea

• Drowsiness

• Vomiting

• Nausea

• Low blood pressure

• Dry mouth

• Anorexia

• Insomnia

• Psychotic effects (only in very high doses and/or mixed doses with THC)

This is why it is imperative that you seek the correct medical advice.

Although there is still a tremendous demand for research to back it, Cannabidiol Oil is plainly going to gain more recognition in the world of medicine because of the encouraging effects it has on our body.

Always consult a doctor if you have any queries/questions regarding the suitable dosage, instructions, make, or symptoms of an overdose of CBD in your body.

Misusing CBD oil can have harmful effects, please remember it is important to be used correctly and in moderation.

Final Say On CBD Oil

When Trying CBD Oil

All said and done, one thing is obvious – The Medical Benefits of CBD Oil are very impressive, and it does bring relief to people with serious health issues, and has multiple unexplored benefits that still require years of research and better understanding.

Have you tried ‘CBD Oil’? What condition were you using it for, did it help ? Please leave any comments or questions below, and I will be happy to discuss them with you.


13 Replies to “The Medical Benefits Of CBD Oil”

  1. My sister is 61 years and has been suffering from PD for the past 6years. Lately her condition started hallucinating and I did not know how to handle the situation. She could not sleep and tried to find and catch the imaginary people who she thinks are real, she had tremors for several years and was gradually becoming worse before we found PD herbal supplement that was able to get rid of her disease and alleviate all symptoms within the short period of her using it.

    1. Hi Derek, sorry to hear about your sisters problem’s, it’s good that she found a ‘natural’ remedy and did not have to stronger prescribed medication for her illness. Best wishes for her continued good health.

  2. Like a lot of people, I have heard so much about CBD Oil. I have seen, and read many good things about it, but I prefer to investigate a lot more by reading articles such as this online. I’ll be interested to see what further comments you get and how people feel about using this and for what purpose they use it. Thanks for the info’

    1. Hi Janet, you are so right to do plenty of ‘investigation’ work before buying or trying any health products online. I too have heard of CBD Oil helping many people with various problems, I am hoping to get more comments with people’s experience of using this product, good or bad. Let me know if you decide to give CBD Oil a try.

  3. Thank you for this great and informational post. It is so good to see people openly talking and promoting CBD use, something that just not too long ago we would not have been able to do. It is amazing how countries take so long to legalise something natural that can actually help a person but yet alcohol over use or cigarettes come with no restrictions not to talk about all the legal medicine that we are allowed to buy in the pharmacies and that are full of side effects.

    Definately for CBD, please keep us informed, this is quality reading. Thank you.

    1. Hi Barbara, it’s true, it has taken a long time for the UK to finally allow people to benefit from the pain relief CBD can give, and to also allow people to move away from otherwise very strong prescribed drugs, that can have severe side effects. And, you are so right about how alcohol can leave people ‘legally’ wrecked every weekend yet the government don’t so much as give a second glance to that problem! Thank you for your comment.

  4. I never realised CBD oil could help with so many different ailments until I read your article, and the added bonus of very little side effects!…I know many people who are suffering side effects from taking prescribed medication and will need to continue taking long term to deal with chronic pain from ailments such as arthritis, therefore I have sent them your article and will keep you posted on what they think about trying CBD.

  5. Thank you Jo, this was so informative! I have been considering using CBD Oil for quite a while now due to various aches and pains. Maybe I will try it but just the very low strength to begin with and see if it helps at all, after all, what have I got to lose!

  6. When CBD Oil works for so many different painful conditions, and without some of the distressing side affects of prescribed medication, isn’t it time we see this given to patients on a more regular basis? Wouldn’t it make sense both medically and financially? And I would also like to see the government offering to help do more research on the benefits of using CBD Oil, shame on them for burying their heads in the sand once again!

    1. Hello, I agree totally with your comment as I am sure many other users of CBD Oil do also. I know it is being put forward to many government officials about the rapid growth of CBD use, and they are now taking the use of CBD for many medical conditions seriously, and there are even talks about funding further research into it. We can only hope this is true, I will be keeping a very watching eye on things and will pass on any information I can find out.

  7. Hello Jo, I enjoyed reading your article on CBD Oil, it’s very informative and I hope for everyone’s sake the Government continues it’s much needed research into this life changing …. I’m seeking as much information as I possibly can as my mother is in her 70’s suffers with Arthritis, and back pain. I myself have severe degenerative disease of the Spine and we both would like to change our prescribed medication Opioids for this natural non addictive CBD Oil. We hope by using CBD Oil, fingers crossed we will both be relatively pain free, if not fully pain free, and that we may be able to do a few more activities we have had to avoid recently. I will let you know how we get on with it, and thanks for your articles that keep us all well informed. Hannah

  8. Hello, I know two people who have tried CBD Oil to help cope with problems, one who suffers with arthritis, and the other from anxiety/depression. They have both said they find it helps them to get through the days/weeks. I look into the different ways people say they benefit from CBD use and how much it helps them to carry on with their lives. I am keen to see how various health organisations around the world are going to react and deal with CBD use for various health issues as it seems to becoming ever more popular. I enjoyed reading your post.

    1. Hi Tina, I too have been surprised as to how many people find CBD offers some relief to them, and to how dependent many have become on it. I believe that Governments and Health Organisations have to really give some thought to how it is going to be introduced into medicine and the obvious benefits many people get from using it. One thing is for sure, it isn’t going to go away!

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