Healthy Skin Care Advice – 12 Steps To Great Skin

When it comes to skincare, we should be less into the latest ‘fads’ and more into long-term benefits of doing what’s right for our skin. We should be looking at the bigger picture, take into account the whole spectrum of skincare and not what might bring short terms results but in the end long-term misery! So, whether you’re confused by exfoliation or pondering what ingredients get results, here are some words of wisdom.

Invest In Your Skin:

You can’t put a ‘value’ on your skin, so it is worth spending that little extra taking good care of it – that includes both products and treatments. Skincare brands are continually developing, with new and innovative ideas and  ingredients appearing all too often.

Chanel Sublimage La Créme

Chanel Sublimage La Créme

Are these pricey products worth the extra cost? You have to be aware of the ingredients, and look for what is known to work in face products, for example, you would want to see Retinol, so much has been done to show the value of it, also Vitamin C, vitamin E, and antioxidant-ferulic acid have all been proven by science to work, to name but a few.

With so much research going into the skincare products, I do believe the more expensive items are worth the extra cost. Do be careful when buying some of the least costly cosmetics, of course, many are perfectly good products, check the ingredients, as you don’t want to buy one that is not so skin friendly!

Healthy Skin Supplements:

The health industry has become saturated with supplements promising to give us a more youthful looking complexion, but as with skincare products, some supplements deliver more effectively than others, so it is wise to do your research before you buy.

Studies show how essential nutrients are for our skin; Vitamin C is involved in the synthesis of collagen, a crucial protein in making your skin supple, they are vital to maintaining a good skin quality. You also need to pay close attention to your diet as well as the supplements you take daily. No one food or ingredient will guarantee healthy skin; however, an inferior diet will lead to poor skin health. We need to love and nurture our body and give it all the support it needs to work efficiently.

Use A Retinoid:

Considered the ‘gold standard’ in anti-aging, you should consider using a retinoid (a derivative of vitamin A) if you’re after a smoother and more youthful complexion. Retinoids work to replenish cells, unclog pores and boost collagen, but not all Retinol products are of equal standard!

Doing your research could pay off, and if you are still unsure speak to an expert who will be able to advise you on the correct Retinol product for your skin type. There are many top quality retinoids, which deliver the active ingredients deep down into the skin where they are needed, you’ll be delighted with the results!

Beware Botox and Fillers:Botox:Fillers

We are looking to enhance our natural beauty, with non-invasive treatments. Be wary of using Botox or fillers – you can become addicted to them very quickly, and before you know it, they change your identity.

Consider all other treatments and products before you consider any injections! The results might be just as good for your skin, and your overall well-being but without invasive measures.

Facial Massage:

Facial massage is not new, but it quite often gets forgotten. We are more than happy to treat our body to a massage, so why don’t we treat our face? Our facial muscles are continually moving, and could benefit from gentle finger pressure in the right places! By giving yourself a facial massage, it can encourage detoxification, and lymphatic drainage, which can reduce inflammation and swelling.

A good technique that you can use when applying your moisturizer is to put the palms of the hands flat on your forehead, and working all the way down the cheeks and neck then rolling back up; it is very soothing and relaxing.

Prevent UV Skin Damage:

I will always advise people to apply SPF on a daily basis, it is one of the most important steps of your skincare routine, you should never leave home without applying it to your face. Sunscreen formulas continue to improve, and today you can buy sunscreens that do not have a heavy texture feel to them when applied to the skin.

I also understand it’s not for everyone, some people don’t like to apply sunscreen directly to the face, an option is to apply a moisturizer first and follow it with your sunscreen. For the ladies it can be difficult to apply your makeup afterwards, some sunscreens do ‘ball’ up making it difficult to get a nice smooth look. My advice would be to use a moisturizer or serum with Sun Protection Factor included in it, and use makeup that also has SPF in it, this allows you to layer products to build up the sun protection.UVA Damaged Skin

What ever way you do, it is so important to do all that you can to reduce the number of UV rays penetrating the skin and causing skin damage, also try to limit the time you spend in direct sunlight. Nothing ages the skin faster than sun damage, be warned!

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Treatment For Skin Redness:

People who suffer from rosacea, and facial redness, that usually affects the cheeks, nose, and chin, just going about your daily life can be incredibly taxing! It is still not clear what triggers troublesome bouts of rosacea. It is essential to try to determine what might cause yours to react, some possibilities are certain spicy foods, direct sunlight, alcohol, and pollution, these are the more common irritants.

Try natural remedies to see if they help to keep it in under control, anything with a strong anti-inflammatory agent that has a soothing effect on the sensitive and over-reactive skin could help to calm it, such as:

Turmeric, Ginger, Aloe Vera gel (apply topically) Raw honey (apply topically)

Enriched Exfoliating and Purifying Lotion for the Face

The Lotion P50V was specifically formulated with added vitamins & walnut extracts, which protect from the ageing process & nourish the epidermis. It not only exfoliates, but it also purifies, regenerates & maintains the pH of the epidermis.

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50V Exfoliating

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50V

Be Gentle To Your Skin:

The most common mistake that women who have blemish-prone skin make is to pick and probe at their skin continually; you must resist this temptation if you don’t want to leave your skin scarred. Also, you might want to consider the products you are using, are they causing your skin to react?Gentle on Your Skin

If the blemishes are making your skin feel sensitive, be careful not to strip your skin of its natural oils that keep skin healthy and balanced, as this will cause the skin to overcompensate. Women are then forced to resort to heavy camouflage make-up to mask over the problem!

Don’t Be Afraid To Exfoliate:

Traditional granular exfoliators have fallen out of favor in recent years. I believe that ‘scrub’ exfoliating is less popular due to the increased popularity of the chemical ‘peel’ method. However, under-exfoliating is a common mistake people with dry skin make. By not removing dead skin cells this decreases the effectiveness of your moisturizer as it cannot penetrate the skin as efficiently, so make sure to exfoliate at least twice a week using a gentle micro-exfoliator.

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Eye On Your Diet:

Our diet can affect the condition of the skin, so we need to be cautious of foods high in sugar, as these can increase location, a Fruit Saladprocess which breaks down collagen over time, thus accelerating the visible signs of aging.

Drinks can have this effect your skin also, namely alcohol and caffeine – alcohol can be very dehydrating, and too much caffeine is not good for the skin, making it look red and swollen. If your skin is prone to spots and breakouts, dairy and sugar are two things that you need to avoid to keep those outbreaks in check.

Stick To A Routine:

It’s crucial to have a skincare routine, especially when it comes to cleansing and exfoliating. One of the most common reasons I hear why people fail to keep up with their skincare routine is that it seems to take forever, and involves lots of products and repetitiveness; well, we do like to over complicate things, keeping it simple can be just as effective! Use multi-functional products when you can to help cut down on time spent in front of the mirror.

Hygiene is Key:Refresh

A simple thing like changing your pillowcase every second day has to become one of your ‘good’ habits! It is something I always advise people; good personal hygiene has to go hand in hand with a good skincare routine. Why spend all that time in the evening cleansing and moisturizing only to go bed and lay on a pillowcase with lotions embedded on it a week old!

All the effort you are putting in to look after your skin will be worth it in the long run. Keep up the excellent work.

Do you follow a strict skin care routine? Please leave any comments or questions below, and I will be happy to discuss them with you.


9 Replies to “Healthy Skin Care Advice – 12 Steps To Great Skin”

  1. Hi I didn’t realise how important vitamin C is for the skin…I used to think it was to keep colds at bay! Well your site offers a lot of useful information and advice; I’m definitely going to be checking the ingredients in my creams in future. Many thanks.

  2. Hi, some great advice thank you. I particularly agree with the bit about ‘hygiene’ .. I don’t feel comfortable sleeping on a pillowcase that isn’t changed frequently, I can feel the old lotions the instant I put my head down! A very valuable point you make, I have read many articles from well known magazines and writers but few if any point this out!

    1. Hi, thank you for your comment, I appreciate it. I agree with everything you say, personal hygiene has to be followed from start to finish if the benefits are to be felt and we cannot allow bad habits to be formed.

  3. This article has been extremely interesting and particularly informative about exfoliating which I’ve always been confused about, and not so keen to do, but reading this it has given me some good information and I can not exfoliate with confidence ?

    1. HI, very happy that you found the article helpful. Exfoliating is very important as it allows new skin cells to come through and give your skin a healthy appearance. Always use an exfoliator to match your skin type and introduce exfoliating gradually to see how your skin copes with it, you will soon begin to see the benefits 🙂

  4. Hello I have found this website very interesting & learned some great ideas and advice on keeping my skin healthy. I am Looking forward to your next article. Many Thanks

  5. Hello Jo’ .. in this post you talk about using ‘retinoids’. However, I have been looking at some, but finding it difficult to make a decision on any particular choice of retinol. Can you recommend one that will help to revive my ageing skin! Thanks.

    1. Hi Rebecca, when choosing a Retinol, make sure you pick one that is suitable for your skin, if you have very sensitive dry skin and fine lines you may want to consider Retinyl palmitate. This is the least potent retinoid and you can buy it without prescription. If you are uncertain I would recommend talking with a dermatologist as some retinoids are very strong and caution should be taken when using them.

  6. This post has been very enlightening as I have been using the same skincare routine for years and wondering why my skin is now starting to look very dull and ageing. I think I need to start exfoliating my skin plus, maybe look at better moisturiser and apply a sunscreen to my face daily! Once the damage is done it’s very difficult to undo!

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