Best Cellulite Home Treatment Device – Maintaining Healthy Skin

Many women are embarrassed by cellulite and the consequences of aging on their skin. Creams and lotions alone do not help to alleviate these problems, and plastic surgery is just one step too far for many of us. So what should we do? Give up? No! – The answer to your problems is Home Massagers:


Silk’n Silhouette Body Shaping Device – Cellulite Treatment

silk massage device

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It is effortless to handle thanks to the lightweight and ergonomic design, with a Flexible handle grip it’s the most significant innovation in the field of cellulite treatment and streamlined body contours through HT™ technology.

A global leader in aesthetic machines for home use, Silk’n is the brand behind the Silhouette, one of the Best Cellulite Home Treatments available. This is excellent news for anyone who is not a fan of the vacuum and roller suction mechanism – this one operates using three energy sources.

Using HT (Home Tightening) Technology:

This is a combination of bipolar radio-frequency energy, this will help to firm the deeper layers, as much as 10mm down, and LED light energy to reinvigorate the skin, and infrared Heat Technology to enhance the texture of the skin.

silkn device on front thigh+gel

Apply the ‘slider gel’ that is supplied, it is imperative that you apply a layer of gel to your skin before you start the treatment. Using the gel ensures that Silk’n Silhouette effortlessly glides over your skin and prevents your skin from reddening or becoming too hot. In addition to its hydrating capacity, this water-based gel also acts as a conductor.

After applying the gel, you need to move the device over the part of the body you are treating for about 20 minutes during which time you will feel your skin getting warmer. You will find the warming sensation is truly relaxing.

You can do all this and more from the comfort of your own home. Order your Silk’n Silhouette now and begin your journey to firmer, younger and more beautiful skin.

*Silk’n Silhouette Slider Gel can be purchased separately*


slider gel

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A bottle of this slider gel is supplied with your Silk’n Silhouette, if you require more these can be ordered separately. The gel has been specifically designed to help the device glide effortlessly over your skin while preventing too much heat getting onto the skin. The gel is water based and acts as a conductor for the contouring device; furthermore, it provides hydrating properties for the skin.

  • Slider Gel for Silk’n Silhouette
  • Waterbased, transparent gel
  • Acts as a conductor
  • With Hyaluronic Acid
  • Does not contain sulphates, perfume, silicones and parabens

Multi-Settings On Device:

There are three heat settings to chose from – Low, Medium and High.

Opt for the setting feel most comfortable using. Do not worry about burning the skin, the device is fitted with a thermal sensor, and if it measures the temperature over 41 degrees, it will stop emitting heat.

silkn device front view

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Silhouette is based on HT™ technology that unites three energy sources: Bi-Polar RF Energy – LED Light Energy and IR Heat Energy. The three energy sources combine forces, penetrating and heating all layers of the skin, from the epidermis to the sub-dermal fat. This causes fibers in the skin complex to contract. Silhouette tackles the cellulite problem from the inside out. You will notice your skin become visibly smoother and tighter, looks younger and feels rejuvenated.

Silk’n Silhouette Video:

Revolutionary HT™ Technology.

Firms the deeper layers of the Skin.

Reduces Cellulite.

Tightens loose Skin.

Streamlines Body Contours.

Reduces Body Circumferences.

Improves Skin Texture & Elasticity.

Restores Skin’s Balance & Promotes Rejuvenation.

This Device is suitable to use on all parts of the Body – buttocks, upper arms, hips, inner and outer thighs.

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This device has really helped with my noticeable cellulite. I have used it in two places – thighs and buttocks, letting it sit for the recommended 20 minutes at a time about four weeks, and I am very happy now these problem areas have become distinctly smaller, my skin feels tighter, and I am convinced it will get even better in time.

It’s great that I can use it sitting watching the television, even lying down you can also work with it on more areas. I love what I have seen so far and can’t wait to see how much better it will get! I didn’t believe that this technology would be quite this good!

The results I am seeing now allows me to show my legs without the embarrassment that I used to feel.

Have you suffered from Cellulite? Have you tried any home massage treatments? Did any of them help to reduce your Cellulite? I would like to hear your story. Please leave any comments or questions below, and I will be happy to discuss them with you.

3 Replies to “Best Cellulite Home Treatment Device – Maintaining Healthy Skin”

  1. Now this is something I could definitely give a go, and pleased to see I can use it on arms as well as thighs! The video demonstration has answered all the questions about how to use silk’n silhouette, will let you know the results.

    1. Hi Judy, good luck with using the Silk’n Silhouette device. It is definitely the way to go if you want to tackle Cellulite without having an actual surgical procedure. Having looked into it in some depth doing this review I got a lot of positive feedback. Do please let me know how things go for you. Good Luck.

  2. Hi Jo, I am pleased to say I have seen a vast improvement since using the Silk’nSilhouette Body Shaping Device. The cellulite on my thighs is improving, and the ‘pock’ marks are definitely less obvious, I’m hoping this progress will continue as this is the main reason I purchased this device. The device is easy to use, and I would tell anyone who suffers with cellulite this does work.

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