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The one thing everyone in the world has in common is our ‘skin’…What we don’t have in common is the way we look after, take care, and treat our skin. Many people take for granted that it is there, in perfect condition, and always will be; and apart from washing do very little to look after and protect their skin, few people appreciate how fragile it really is.


skin care helpI have always been an outdoors person, from my work to most of my hobbies you would rarely catch me indoors, no matter what time of the year it was or what the weather was doing.

If it was raining or cold not a problem, make sure you had enough clothes on not to feel the chill, if it was warm and sunny then that was great, stay out for hours on end and soak it all up.

I’m outdoors, enjoying life, staying healthy… or so I thought. I was giving little or no consideration as to what the weather was doing to my skin.


How many people who are reading this have ever had a UV picture taken of their face?

Maybe like me, the answer is never. I went to my doctor because I had a tiny area of skin on my forehead that always seemed a little dry, I thought nothing much of it until it very gradually started to increase in size, but again kept on telling myself its just a small area of dry skin, it will clear itself.

To cut to the chase, I eventually went to see a Dermatologist who sat me down in front of a camera and showed me a UV photo of my face, and I was horrified. The damage to my skin shocked me! Never did I realize how my so-called healthy lifestyle was causing so much damage to the skin on my face due mainly too my lack of knowledge of how sensitive our skin is, and how harsh the weather can be on our face and body.


skin care help

We take many things for granted in our lives and thankfully, most won’t have life-changing consequences.

Taking the correct steps morning and evening to take care of your skin can prevent a lot of heartache and regret.

On this website, we will show you the correct routine, and what products are best to protect your skin.

If you ever need advice or have any questions, please feel free to leave comments below, and I will be more than happy to discuss them with you.

Please leave any comments or questions below, and I will be happy to discuss them with you.

All the best.


6 Replies to “Your Skin Care Help”

  1. I really need to start looking after my skin, I’ve been neglecting it for too long… looking forward to what advice you have to offer 🙂

    1. Hi Beb, thank you for taking the time to look at the web site, as it grows and develops we will be covering a full range of beauty care topics which i hope you will find very beneficial to your skin care routine.

  2. Hi Jo, the website is interesting and informative!.. I would like some advice please, I have very sensitive skin and use only products made by ‘Simple’
    But recently (past 4 weeks) I have broke out in very painful Hives/Blisters. I’ve been taking Loratadine tablets for skin allergies and cream but both have not helped and problem is still on going!!!.. can you help?… many thanks Claire-Marie

    1. Hi, sorry to hear that you are having problems clearing this up. Hives can be a reaction to a number of different things. Some of the most common reasons can be a reaction to chemicals, either from a product you are using e.g moisturizer, sunscreen or a body wash, also it could be a reaction to a certain food that you may have started to eat. Another common reason is in the summer the sunlight and/or heat can cause high levels of Histamine. Normally taking an anti-histamine tablet is enough to clear the hives. If that doesn’t work your G.P may ​prescribe corticosteroids, menthol cream or stronger antihistamines. If it is heat related, and we have had a very hot summer it may clear once the extreme heat subsides. Hope this helps.

  3. Hi Jo, many thanks for your ‘prompt ‘ reply… and I’ve been enlightened to the many reasons and causes to my outbreak of Hives/blisters and will examine my recent eating habits to see if this is the cause or my skin care problems, I will be checking my regime with curiosity!!!… but if to no avail’ will go to my GP again many thanks and I will keep you informed
    Claire-Marie ?

    1. Hi Claire, glad we could shed some light on what might be the cause for your problem. I think its a strong possibility that its due to the hot weather, try keeping them from over heating with a cool shower.

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