Best Cellulite Home Treatment Device – Maintaining Healthy Skin

Many women are embarrassed by cellulite and the consequences of aging on their skin. Creams and lotions alone do not help to alleviate these problems, and plastic surgery is just one step too far for many of us. So what should we do? Give up? No! – The answer to your problems is Home Massagers:

NuBODY Skin Toning Kit 

NuFace NuBody Device for Cellulite treatment & Toning

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Quick and easy 5-minute treatment

Uses low-level micro-current technology

92% of users reported an improved skin tone

Leaves skin feeling smoother and firmer

Reduces the appearance of uneven skinVisible results in just 60 days

NuBODY Skin Toning Device is a handheld beauty device designed to help improve the appearance of skin tone and texture. Developed by NuFACE, a company specializing in skincare devices, the NuBODY is specifically targeted at toning and firming the skin on various areas of the body.

NuBODY tackles stubborn problem areas of cellulite. You will notice your skin become visibly smoother and tighter, looks younger and feels rejuvenated.

The device uses microcurrent technology, which involves delivering low-level electrical currents to the skin. These gentle electrical currents are intended to stimulate the muscles and underlying tissues, promoting a temporary tightening effect and enhancing the overall appearance of the skin. It is non-invasive and painless, making it a popular option for at-home skin treatments.


NuFACE NuBODY Skin Toning Device1


Key features and benefits of the NuBODY Skin Toning Device may include:

  1. Skin Toning: The primary purpose of the device is to tone and firm the skin, helping to improve its elasticity and smoothness.
  2. User-Friendly: The handheld design makes it easy to use and operate at home without the need for professional assistance.
  3. Multiple Attachments: Some versions of the NuBODY may come with different attachment heads suitable for specific body areas, allowing for more targeted treatments.
  4. Portable: The compact size of the device allows for easy portability, making it convenient for travel or on-the-go use.
  5. Results and Safety: Users may notice visible improvements in the skin’s appearance with consistent and proper use over time. It’s generally considered safe for most individuals, but as with any beauty device, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and consult with a dermatologist if you have any concerns.

NuFACE NuBODY Skin Toning Device2

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Video: Nubody Challenge

You Will Notice:

Firms the deeper layers of the Skin.

Reduces Cellulite.

Tightens loose Skin.

Streamlines Body Contours.

Reduces Body Circumferences.

Improves Skin Texture & Elasticity.

Restores Skin’s Balance & Promotes Rejuvenation.

This Device is suitable to use on all parts of the Body – buttocks, upper arms, hips, inner and outer thighs.

Best Cellulite Home Treatment Device – Conclusion:

NuFACE NuBODY Skin Toning Device5

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This device has really helped with my noticeable cellulite. I have used it in two places – thighs and buttocks, using the device for the recommended 5 minutes a day per treatment area. We recommend using 5 times per week over the first 60 days. Following this, the device should be used 2-3 times per week to maintain results.

I am very happy now these problem areas have become distinctly smaller, my skin feels tighter, and I am convinced it will get even better in time.

The results I am seeing now allows me to show my legs without the embarrassment that I used to feel. I would thoroughly recommend this device.

Have you suffered from Cellulite? Have you tried any home massage treatments? Did any of them help to reduce your Cellulite? I would like to hear your story. Please leave any comments or questions below, and I will be happy to discuss them with you.

Sisley Le Sculpteur Anti-Cellulite Body Care Review

Photo showing a lady using Le Sculpteur Sisly Paris

Sisley is a family-owned French luxury beauty label, conceived by Hubert d’Ornano who was one of the first to use botanical extracts and fragrances in cosmetics.

Sisley ParisSisley Paris stands for ‘Quality Products.’ The company produces the highest quality skincare and make-up products, blending the best of nature and science. The brand is notable for its anti-aging range, face masks, and award-winning sun care. It is also well-known for its fine perfumes which are created in the tradition of the French ‘haute parfumerie.’

And the great minds at Sisley Research have been working vigorously to produce the latest cellulite-busting cream. Caffeine-enriched and crammed with essential oils, red algae, and longan seed extract to help even the skin’s exterior and roll over dimples, moisturizing, firming, and skin perfecting.

Innovative and comprehensive body care that you expect from Sisley:

A hefty price, yes, but it’s got high-quality results to go with it.

Le Sculpteur – To Sculpt the Look of  your Body

Le Sculpteur by Sisley, a body cream to sculpt the look of your body.

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Le Sculpteur is a contouring body care with an innovative approach to body contouring, created between Sisley Laboratories and the University of Paris. This partnership has allowed us to identify a new contouring mode of action that helps shape the curves of the silhouette.

A dual action, day and night emulsion that adapts to the body’s biorhythm to act on curves and restore skin that is more beautiful to the eye and to the touch.

  • 200ml
  • Gel in oil formula
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Leaves skin toned, firm, smooth and restored

DURING THE DAY, the combination of Pink Berry oil, Caffeine, Cedrol and White Ginger extract, helps reduce excess volume. Thighs are refined, skin is firmer, as if toned.

AT NIGHT, the unprecedented** combination of Mandarin extract, Andiroba oil and Exopolysaccharide from Plankton, works to minimise the appearance of cellulite. The orange-peel skin aspect is reduced over the course of applications, the skin appears smoother.

Sculpting Refining Anti-Cellulite Body Care



These two expert contouring actions act in a powerful complementarity, for a global and ultra-efficient refining action.

Its gel-in-oil emulsion texture offers a feeling of optimal freshness and melts into skin, providing a velvety finish and an immediate toning effect.

Natural fragrance of Lavender, Sage, Marjoram, Rosemary essential oils and Cedrol.

These two daytime and nighttime, intense and complementary actions, contribute to the silhouette’s refinement. In just 14 days, the appearance of cellulite is minimised. Your skin is smoother and firmer, as if toned. It is more beautiful to the eye and to the touch, and feels incredibly soft, as if like new.


The Active Substances Sisley Le Sculpteur:

Combination of Caffeine, Cedrol, White Ginger extract and Pink Berry oil: contouring action Combination of Mandarin extract, Andiroba oil and Exopolysaccharide from Plankton: anti-storage action Shea oil: nourishes Plant-based sugar: softens Vitamin E Acetate: anti-free radical action



How To Apply Sisley Le Sculpteur:

To sculpt your body according to your decision, apply morning and evening on the whole body or on targeted areas: Thighs, buttocks, stomach, hips, arms and massage until complete absorption according to the massage technique below:

Sisley Le Sculpteur – For Best Results:

Photo showing Le Sculpteur by Sisley Paris body cream.

1. STIMULATE skin before applying the product:
• Tone by pinching the concerned areas with the tips of the fingers. • Using both hands, clenched into fists, perform rapid and intense back-and-forth and up-and-down movements.

2. Apply the product to SCULPT the silhouette:
• On the legs, buttocks, and hips: Apply intense, energetic pressure with both hands, moving upward towards the groin in order to promote drainage.
• On the stomach and waist: Use deep circular clockwise movements with the fingertips, one hand over the other, in a 5-10 cm radius around the navel.
• On the upper arms: Apply intense, energetic pressure with one hand moving upward towards the armpit.

The texture allows you to get dressed immediately after application.

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Have you tried any Sisley Paris Products? Did any of them help to reduce your Cellulite? I would like to hear your story. Please leave any comments or questions below, and I will be happy to discuss them with you.

Best Sunscreen UVA and UVB Protection – (Our No’1 Recommendation)

UVA UVB Protection

Come winter sun or scorching hot summer day’s there’s nothing more essential than protecting your skin from permanent damage caused by the sun. We will advise you on all your sun care needs, and recommend our number one sunscreen that offers sun protection for all skin types.

Protect Your Skin 365 Days A Year:

Girl Sunscreen Shoulder

The one thing that doctors, dermatologists, beauty experts all agree on, it’s the importance of protecting your skin from the sun. If you don’t apply sunscreen when you’re outside, you put yourself at risk of sunburn and premature skin aging. Both of these can also increase your chances of developing skin cancers.

We all love relaxing in the sun, give the skin a beautiful color in the belief it looks ‘healthy’ when not so pale. What we don’t realize is the damaging impact the sun can have on our skin.

To prevent us from getting this damage to our skin means it’s vital to invest in quality sunscreen. So do not buy the cheapest you can find in the store, but one that offers maximum protection, hydration, and easy to apply with quick absorption. Do take note that you should be wearing SPF on your face all year round.


Using the correct sunscreen for your skin will give you peace of mind whether you’re planning a day at the beach, the park, or relaxing in your back garden. You need the Best Sunscreen For UVA And UVB Protection that lasts.
When it comes to sunscreen, it’s all about SPF – that is ‘Sun Protection Factor’ and getting the best UVA and UVB Protection when you are out doors.

Cosmetic consultant Dr. Ross Perry of Cosmedics Skin Clinics states: “Melanoma skin cancer incidence rates have increased by half over the last decade in the UK. Those with darker skin will know that they don’t burn as quickly as those with fair skin.

However, this does not mean they can skip the sunscreen. Skin damage from the sun’s UV rays can occur in people of all skin tones. So, even if you’re not likely to burn, you still need protection from UVA/UVB rays.” Carry on reading, and we will tell you what we consider to be the Best Sunscreen For UVA And UVB Protection (Our No1 Recommendation)

Specific Sunscreens To Meet Your Needs:

There are sunscreens designed to suit particular needs, such as sensitive or acne-prone skin, water-resistant sunscreens, and child-friendly options. You may prefer an oil, a spray, or a mousse instead of the more traditional cream.

suncare for every need

Whatever you decide on, the most important information to get to grips with is the level of protection the product offers. If you don’t know your SPF’s from your UVA’s or UVB’s, we shed some light on what you need to look out for and how to choose the right sun cream for your skin.

SPF Rating:

A product’s SPF rating means the amount of protection it provides against ultraviolet B radiation (UVB), which is the chief cause of sunburn. The scale runs from SPF2 to 50+ with the latter being the most reliable form of UVB protection available. To simplify things, an SPF 15 sunscreen blocks about 93% of UVB radiation, while SPF 50+ blocks about 98% UVB radiation.

The British Association of Dermatologists recommends that you use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 and to apply facial sunscreen every day.

What Is The Difference Between UVA and UVB Rays?


You have two main types of ultraviolet radiation when it comes to sun damage – UVA and UVB.

The UVA – ‘aging rays’ – account for 95 percent of the earth’s ultraviolet radiation. ‘Long waves’ that deeply penetrate the skin, they damage collagen and elastin, causing wrinkles, premature aging, and cancer.

The UVB – ‘burning rays’ – are ‘short rays’ harm the skin’s surface; these are responsible for sunburn, and more likely to increase the risk of skin cancer.

What Are The Two Types Of Sunscreen?

Sunscreens fall into two categories. One is ‘Chemical Sunscreen’; this typically contains a combination of two or more of the following active ingredients’. Oxybenzone, Avobenzone, Octisalate, Octocrylene, Homosalate, and Octinoxate. These work by being absorbed into the skin and convert the UV rays into non-damaging light and heat.

Chemical sunscreens tend to be thinner, so they’re easy to apply daily. Manufacturers recommend that you wait at least 20 minutes for the product to soak into the skin before going out into the sun.

The other type of sun protection is ‘Physical Sunscreens,’ also know as ‘Mineral Sunscreens.’ Physical sunscreen works with the natural active ingredients’ zinc or titanium oxide blocking out UV rays. They sit on top of the skin to reflect harmful UV light away.

Physical (mineral) sunscreens are less likely to clog pores, so they’re better for sensitive and blemish-prone skins. They can rub off easily, and as they are harder to apply, some may leave a slight white appearance to the skin.

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Star Rating System Explained *****

UVA Star Rating

Some sunscreens carry a UVA star rating from 0 to 5 stars; this tells you how much UVA radiation they absorb, relative to UVB radiation. You should not be alarmed if you don’t see a number on the bottle. The rating system was devised and owned by Boots, so not all brands carry a ‘star rating.’

The British Association of Dermatologists recommends that an SPF of 30 with a star rating of at least four out of five is “generally considered as a good standard of sun protection.” It is always advisable to wear sunglasses and a hat and to take regular breaks in the shade.

The EU recommendation is that sunscreen should offer UVA protection that is at least a third of the SPF. If you see a sunscreen with the letters UVA in a circle, you can rest assured that it meets this minimum requirement. Sunscreens that offer the best protection against both UVB and UVA radiation come under the term “broad spectrum” products.

When buying sunscreen always choose ‘broad-spectrum,’ meaning you get both UVA and UVB protection. The SPF (Sun Protection Factor) refers to UVB protection, and the Skin Cancer Foundation considers an SPF of 15 or higher adequate UVB protection for everyday activity. But, they do recommend using SPF of 30 or higher for extended or intense outdoor exposures.

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Are Once-A-Day Sunscreens Effective?

A sunscreen that promises all-day protection from just one application may sound like a helpful, safe solution for your day in the sun. But you need to be aware that activities, like swimming or even just reclining on a sun lounger, can cause the cream to rub off. In reality, you will need to reapply several times throughout the day to stay protected.

Stay safe in the sun with selection of the best long-lasting, water-resistant and non-comedogenic sunscreens from the PIZ BUIZ® suncare range offering the Best Sunscreen UVA and UVB Protection, and our number one recommendation for the summer.

Our No’1 Recommended Sunscreen

Piz Buin Banner

PIZ BUIN® has been providing sun-seekers everywhere with the best suncare solutions for over 70 years. They help them achieve the perfect balance between getting a beautiful tan and the protection they need. They offer a vast range of sunscreens that will meet with most peoples skin types and requirements.

PIZ BUIN® was among the first to make getting a suntan safer by introducing the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) in the 1960’™s. Wherever you like to go sunbathing, whether it’™s at the beach, on a mountain or in the city, PIZ BUIN® has been helping people to enjoy the sun safely.

PIZ BUIN® MOISTURISING – Intensely Moisturising Sun Protection

Piz Buin Moisturising Lotion SPF15

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If you love the sun but want to take extra care of your skin, then the Piz Buin® Moisturising range is precisely what you need. Advanced UVA/UVB, sun protection filters, help protect the skin from the sun and, combined with effective anti-oxidants, help prevent sun-induced premature skin aging.

A unique hydrating complex provides intense moisturization to help maintain the skin’s natural hydration level while tanning.

A non-greasy, non-sticky formula the PIZ BUIN® Moisturising Sun Lotion intensively moisturizes your skin. Allowing you to get a tan under the sun and leaving the skin smooth and silky soft all day.

PIZ BUIN® Moisturising Sun Lotion is sweat and water-resistant.

AVAILABLE IN SPF 6 – 10 -15 – 20 -30

PIZ BUIN TAN & PROTECT® – Accelerating Oil Spray

Piz Buin Tan & Protect

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Whether you’re getting a burst of sun on a weekend city break or planning to hit the beach for a long relaxing holiday, use Piz Buin Tan & Protect®. Available in Oils, Lotions, and Sprays, it will allow you to get the best suntan from your time in the sun.

Piz Buin Tan & Protect® links effective UVA/UVB protection with Illumitone™. By boosting the production of the skin’s tanning pigment by up to 70%*, Illumitone™ is proven to speed up the natural tanning process for a naturally faster more beautiful tan.

PIZ BUIN TAN & PROTECT® – Enhances Natural Tanning

Our tan accelerating oil spray helps achieve a safe, superb color quickly – allowing you to enjoy every moment you spend in the sun this summer. Traditional tanning oils help to may make your tan look incredible but offer little or no protection from UV rays, while regular high SPF sun creams can mean having to wait longer to get the summer color you desire. So how can you get a gorgeous, natural tan faster without compromising on protecting your delicate skin from burning?

PIZ BUIN TAN & PROTECT® Tan Accelerating Oil Spray is just what you need this summer. Our fast-absorbing, easy to apply non-greasy oil combines powerful UVA and UVB protection with Melitane™. Melitane™ is an innovative ingredient that speeds up the skin’s natural tanning process (in Vito test). The fast-absorbing oil nourishes the skin leaving it beautifully smooth and glossy, and it is sweat and water-resistant offering a faster, more beautiful tan safely! Available in Oil Spray, Lotion and Spray Lotion.


PIZ BUIN TAN & PROTECT® Tan Accelerating Oil Spray. Consumers were asked to tell us what they thought of the tan accelerating oil spray, and many were in favor of the product. After four weeks of testing:

80%** Experienced:
An enhanced natural tan

84%*** Experienced:
A beautiful, glossy shine

97%** Experienced:
Effective sun protection

PIZ BUIN INSTANT GLOW® – Gives Instant Beautifying Protection

Piz Buin Instant GlowSPF30

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Now you can give your skin that beautiful summer shimmer instantly and keep it all summer long – without compromising on protection.

The subtly tinted PIZ BUIN INSTANT GLOW® contains delicate, light-reflecting pearls that illuminate your skin with a beautiful subtle golden shimmer. PIZ BUIN ®’s advanced UVA/UVB filter system will give your skin immediate and effective sun protection.

Skin Illuminating Sun Spray – The Benefits:
The fast-absorbing non-greasy, non-sticky, spray hydrates the skin. And, due to our innovative multi-position “upside-down” packaging, PIZ BUIN INSTANT GLOW® gives you a convenient application, every time. Doesn’t contain self-tan! Available in Spray or Lotion


PIZ BUIN® ALLERGY – Sun sensitive skin protection

Piz Buin Allergy Sun Sensitive SPF15

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With sun-sensitive skin, even minimal exposure to UV rays can cause prickly sensations and blotchiness, making it challenging to enjoy your time in the sun.

PIZ BUIN® ALLERGY has been developed by dermatologists to protect the most sun-sensitive skin. It absorbs quickly and provides hours of moisturization to soothe the skin and help prevent peeling allowing you to embrace the sun without the worry.

With a combination of powerful UVA/UVB sun protection combined with Calmanelle®, a unique anti-irritant shield complex* that is proven to help strengthen the skin’s resilience to the sun. Calmanelle® is formulated with the powerful anti-oxidant FEVERFEW PFE™ to help increase the skin cells tolerance* to the sun.

Sun Sensitive Skin Lotion – The Benefits
The lotion especially developed for sun-sensitive skin; it absorbs quickly and provides hours of moisturization to soothe sun-sensitive skin.
PIZ BUIN® ALLERGY Sun Sensitive Skin Lotion is sweat and water-resistant. Available in Spray, Lotion and Face Lotion

AVAILABLE IN SPF 15 – 30 – 50+

PIZ BUIN PROTECT & Intensify ® – Tan Intensify Protection

Piz Buin Protect and Intensify SPF30

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PIZ BUIN Tan & Protect® Tan Intensifying Sun Spray helps to enhance your skin’s own natural tanning process*. The spray provides immediate and effective UVA/UVB sun protection. The instantly absorbing, non-greasy and non-sticky formula hydrates your skin, which helps prevent peeling and contributes to a longer-lasting tan.

How to use:

Apply generously and evenly before sun exposure. A reduced quantity lowers the protection level significantly. Reapply frequently, especially after sweating, swimming or towelling. Avoid midday sun and staying too long in the sun even while using sunscreens. Keep babies and children out of direct sunlight. Do not spray directly into face. For use on face spray into hands and apply. Use caution, as floor may become slippery during use.

AVAILABLE IN SPF 10 – 15 – 30

I do hope you have found this post on the ‘Best Sunscreen For UVA and UVB Protection (Our No1 Recommendation)’ to be helpful and informative. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment box below, and I will be happy to discuss them with you.


Healthspan CBD Oil Review

Healthspan Products

CBD Oil has become a favored ‘wellness supplement’ in the United States, and recently the enthusiasm for CBD has spread to the UK. The use of CBD is completely legal in the UK and is known for its therapeutic, non-psychoactive effects.

Healthspan is The UK’s leading direct supplier of Vitamins & Supplements.

Healthspan CBD Capsules And Oil

Healthspan CBD Oil is fully decarboxylated and then purified, to allow a very high-quality oil which is again batch tested to ensure you get high-quality CBD.

Healthspan CBD droppers are applied directly to the tongue to enable faster absorption, the oil contains a hint of peppermint flavoring to mask any unpalatable flavor of hemp.

Healthspan CBD Oil is available in a High-Strength  2.75% Concentration.

Healthspan CBD Oil Drops

Healthspan CBD Oil Drops 1000mg

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CBD Oil Drops 1000 mg

Super strength pure cannabidiol oral drops | Filter clear and peppermint enriched | 1000 mg CBD per bottle | High potency formula

Key features

  • Our strongest concentration of CBD in oral dropper format
  • The best option for advanced and experienced CBD users
  • 10.7 % super strength formulation: 1000 mg CBD per 10 ml bottle
  • Filter−clear, purified and distilled oil with a hint of peppermint

Recommended intake: One to five drops up to three times daily under your tongue; hold in your mouth for a while before swallowing. Maximum 15 drops daily. For optimal results, best taken at regular intervals throughout the day.


Healthspan CBD Capsules 15mg

Healthspan CBD Oil 15mg High Strength Capsules.

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Healthspan High Strength Capsules 15mg (450mg Per Pack)

High Strength CBD Oil Capsules:

✓ 15mg Filter-clear,  High-quality purified Cannabidiol Capsules.

✓ Legal, safe & batch tested

✓ Non-toxic And No Psychoactive Or Addictive Side Effects

✓ All-Natural, Non – GMO Ingredients

✓ Added vitamin D3 to support muscle and immune health

✓ Please be assured that Healthspan CBD products are 100% natural, legal and perfectly safe to take.

Recommended Dosage:

Healthspan Medical Director Dr. Sarah Brewer says:

“Multiple small studies of CBD safety in humans suggest it’s well tolerated across a wide dosage range. No significant central nervous system side effects or effects on vital signs or mood were seen at doses of 200mg to 300 mg/day by mouth (some suggest 600mg to 1,500mg per day may be tolerable). However, the Cannabis Trades Association UK suggests that CBD products with a daily adult dosage of up to 200mg should continue to be marketed as a food supplement.”

The High Strength CBD Oil Capsules are all-natural and non-GMO. Olive oil is an added ingredient that helps with absorption in the body. The capsules are sold in 30 and 60 capsule tubs, containing 6.4mg of CBD per capsule.

For general well-being, it is recommend a dose of 6.4mg one to three times a day, or 15mg strength once or twice a day (i.e., up to 30mg per day).”

Healthspan High Strength CBD Oil Drops is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, the dropper gives you further control over the exact dosage, and there is 0.75 mg of CBD per drop, 8 drops are equivalent to one 6.4mg capsules. With 250mg in the bottle in total.

Healthspan CBD dosage chart

When you are trying CBD Oil for the first time, it is advisable, to start with a low dose and to gradually build up your intake over a few weeks, until you find the dosage that best suits your needs.

It Is Advised Not To Use CBD During Pregnancy Or If You Are Breastfeeding Your Child.

Always consult a doctor/physician if you have any queries/questions regarding the correct dosage, instructions, or symptoms of an overdose of CBD Oil.

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What Is CBD Oil?

The ingredient ‘CBD’ (known as cannabidiol) is a natural extract of the hemp plant that’s void of any psychoactive inducing properties, it has been extensively researched in the States for its health benefits. As only ‘Trace amounts’ of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) are found in CBD oil, this means that people do not have to worry about its psychoactive effects.

The CBD Trend

Using CBD Oil Safely

CBD Oil is extremely well tolerated. The reported side effects may include dry mouth, low blood pressure, and drowsiness but these consequences occur very rarely. A recent new report from the World Health Organisation (WHO) on CBD actually suggests cannabis oil is mostly well-tolerated, with an excellent safety profile.

Numerous small studies of CBD safety in humans advocate that it’s well tolerated across a broad dosage range. No significant central nervous system side effects were noted or side effect on vital signs or mood change seen at doses of 200mg to 300 mg/day by mouth (some studies indicate 600mg to 1,500mg p/day may be tolerated). Nevertheless, the Cannabis Trades Association UK proposes that CBD products that recommend a daily adult dosage up to 200mg continue being marketed as a food supplement.

Healthspan is a proud member of the Cannabis Trades Association UK (CTA UK), a body established to ensure legal and ethical CBD trading standards are adhered to in the UK. CTA UK works strenuously with the MHRA, FSA, and CTPA to comply with EU and UK legislation and regulations. Only those companies that meet exceptionally high-quality standards are approved to exhibit its seal of approval; All members guarantee transparency in trading, registration, batch testing and labeling, along with reliable and accurate product information being displayed to give consumers full peace of mind.

Is CBD Harmful?

The simple answer is ‘No.’ As a result of its origin, CBD has acquired a bad reputation and is often associated with the drug’ marijuana.’

Natural and Legal CBD

In fact, CBD is an ingredient sourced from certain hemp plants that are specifically grown to provide health benefits, not to give a so-called ‘high.’ It’s only lately that research has emerged showcasing this nutritional supplement’s health benefits. We aim to spread the word to those who could benefit from CBD and its potential support for their health and well-being.

What You Should Know Before You Buy CBD Oil:

Where To Buy CBD Oil?

CBD vendors are emerging everywhere, along with product labels that are inaccurate and, at times, illegal. There are two things to keep in mind when considering buying CBD products. First, the figure that informs you in milligram, or mg, how much CBD is really in the product you have purchased.

The second is the saying ‘that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.’ Some manufacturers use inflated figures, described as ‘whole plant extract,’ to depict the CBD content. These figures are far higher than the product’s actual CBD content and deceptive. Only buy from ‘trusted’ merchants.

One study assessed the labeling accuracy of 84 different CBD products from 31 different companies, and found that 43% of products were under-labeled, 26% were over-labeled, and just 31% were accurately labeled. A study with a similar outcome prompted the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to send warning letters to 14 businesses that were mislabeling their CBD products.

It’s worth buying CBD Oil from a company that allows you to see a certificate of analysis showing the CBD and THC levels for each batch of product produced. That way you know for sure what’s in your CBD liquid or capsules.

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Checklist For Buying CBD Oil:

Buying CBD Oil?

Cannabis Trades Association: Buy CBD from a reputable supplier who is a member of the Cannabis Trade Association.

CBD percentages: Watch out for products advertising whole plant extract percentages of CBD, as opposed to the level of CBD in mg’s in the product. Ideally, if you’re buying supplements – the mg per pack and the mg per capsule should be shown.

Packing information: Be wary of a supplier that doesn’t show the amount of CBD contained in the product on both their packaging and marketing materials.

Do not use CBD during pregnancy or if breastfeeding.

Concluding Thoughts:

The Medical Benefits of CBD Oil is fascinating, and clearly, it does bring relief to people with challenging health issues and has numerous unexplored benefits that still requires a good deal of research and better understanding. I hope you found this Healthspan CBD Oil Review helpful.

Have you tried ‘CBD Oil’? What health issue were you using it for, did it help you? Please leave any comments or questions below, and I will be happy to discuss them with you.


Intensive Hand Cream Reviews – Maintaining Healthy Skin


Our hands often betray our age much more freely than our complexion because we are not giving them a daily shot of serums, oils, and moisturizers with scrubs and masks thrown in for good measure. But you can soon fix that with everyday use of a good quality Intensive Hand Cream.

Use throughout the day especially if you have severely dry hands – ensuring you leave a tube by the washbasin, so you always use after washing up or hand washing, and keep a tube in your desk drawer at work or handbag for regular application.

If you do not like the feel of lush, rich cream, go for a lotion instead – these tend to be lighter and thinner and absorbed easier. Remember too always apply a good quality cream at bedtime and to help the cream work even better on your hands wear cotton ‘beauty’ gloves, wearing these helps your skin to get a massive boost of nourishment overnight.

Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream:

Originated in1979, this hand cream has been a best-selling product for more than 30 years. Clarin’s offering is simply one of the most luxurious and nourishing creams that we tried, but it also absorbs almost immediately upon application and with no greasy residue.

There are very few creams that deliver on nourishment and absorption so efficiently – this one can even keep mild eczema at bay. The moisturizing base of sesame oil and shea butter is boosted by Japanese mulberry extract to work on minimizing age spots, while myrrh extract is used to strengthen the nails.

Clarins Hand & Nail

See On –

A moisturizer that softens Protects, Hydrates and Strengthens nails and condition cuticles to give a naturally clean, soft and youthful-look to your hand

Almost like an invisible protective glove that cares for the hand and the nails to shield them from the elements, keeping skin soft and silky and reducing the signs of aging.

Hands can become damaged and painful when exposed to the aggressiveness of our daily life, such as the weather, harsh water, and the everyday tasks we perform with them. So take time to care for your hands with Clarins professional, emollient-rich moisturizing hand cream – with soothing Sesame Oil and fortifying Japanese Mulberry.


Softens the skin and hydrates.

Protects from environmental damage (the cold, the sun, hard water, and chapping).

Diminishes dark spots.

Regenerates and strengthens the nails.

This non-sticky cream spreads quickly, and the skin absorbs instantly.

To apply, massage gently into your hands, from the fingertips up to the wrist, giving careful attention to the cuticles to ensure the cream is completely absorbed.

Ingredients: Click To ViewAqua/Water/Eau, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Glyceryl Myristate, Butylene Glycol, Potassium Cetyl Phosphate, Dimethicone, Hydrogenated Coco-Glycerides, Pentylene Glycol, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearyl Alcohol, Stearyl Heptanoate, Glycerin, Cetearyl Glucoside, Polysorbate 20, Parfum/Fragrance, Allantoin, Ethylhexylglycerin, Sesamum Indicum (Sesame) Seed Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter Unsaponifiables, Tetrasodium Edta, Limonene, Commiphora Myrrha Resin Extract, Lecithin, Sodium PCA, Tapioca Starch, Dehydroacetic Acid, Palmitoyl Myristyl Serinate, Linalool, Caramel, Disodium Edta, Morus Alba Root Extract, Citronellol, Benzyl Salicylate, Benzyl Benzoate, Citral, Geraniol, Eugenol, Tocopherol, BHT, [C1473F]

Clarin’s Class:

When put to the test, Clarin’s products always perform, and this trusted hand cream is no exception, it delivers above and beyond expectations, yes it is slightly more expensive, but you won’t be disappointed with the results.

Neutrogena Hand Creams

Norwegian Formula – Visibly Renew Elasti-Boost Hand Cream SPF20:

This innovative daily hand cream not only gives exceptional hydration but also helps re-establish skin’s suppleness and limit the occurrence of brown spots. It blends Norwegian Formula moisture with active minerals, which help promote skin’s own collagen production. For a visibly smoother and more supple skin, with a fast-absorbing texture that leaves a delicately scented and soft after-feel. Available in 75ml.

Neutrogena Visibly Renew Hand Cream

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Ingredients: Click To View[PR-015233] Aqua, Glycerin, Dicaprylyl Carbonate, Homosalate, Dimethicone, Buthyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane, Octocrylene, Steareth-2, Butylene Glycol, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Squalane, Sorbitan Stearate, Steareth-21, Leontopodium Alpinum Extract, Magnesium Aspartate, Zinc Gluconate, Copper Gluconate, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Linseed Acid, Behenyl Alcohol, Caprylyl Glycol, Isohexadecane, Sucrose Cocoate, Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate, Sodium Dodecylbenzenesulfonate, PEG-8 Laurate, Polysorbate 60, Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer, Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer, Xanthan Gum, Acrylates Copolymer, Polymethyl Methacrylate, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Alcohol, Disodium EDTA, Caprylhydroxamic Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Tocopherol, Phenoxyethanol, Parfum.

Finally, A Hand Cream with SPF that I love!

If you are a person who has to work outside or who is out and about a lot during the day, then this is probably the best option day cream for your hands as it has SPF 20 included. I’ve been trying Neutrogena Visibly Renew SPF Hand Cream for the last month and found that it prevents my hands from drying out. The other thing that I like about this product is how quickly it absorbs into the skin, leaving hands feeling soft and moisturized without any greasy effect. I keep my hand cream in my bag – this has got me into a reliable routine of using hand cream throughout the day, and I have to say what a difference it has made to my skin.


Biodegradable Antibacterial Hand Wipes



Cuticura antibacterial hand gel








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Norwegian Formula Fast Absorbing Hand Cream:

The Neutrogena Norwegian Formula® Fast Absorbing Hand Cream keeps hands hydrated and comforted with its instantly absorbed formula. The light, non-greasy texture is immediately merged into the skin for an instant feeling of comfort and moisturization, leaving no stickiness or residue. Available in two sizes: 75ml and 150ml.

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Fast Absorbing Hand Cream

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Ingredients: Click To ViewAqua, Glycerin, Isononyl Isononanoate, Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane,Cetearyl Alcohol, Cyclohexasiloxane, Cetyl Alcohol, Paraffinum Liquidum, Behenyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Panthenol, Xylitylglucoside, Anhydroxylitol, Xylitol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Ceteth-20, PEG-75 Stearate, Steareth-20, Cetearyl Glucoside, Paraffin, Cera Microcristallina, PV/Hexadecene Copolymer, Xanthan Gum, Disodium EDTA, Methylparaben, Phenoxyethanol, Propylparaben, Parfum.

One of the best ever hand creams:

I suffer from very sore dry, chapped hands, but having found this cream made my hands feel protected again. This product is perfect, and so reliable. Now, every time I wash my hands I always use this cream, it absorbs very quickly and is non-greasy. I love what it does for my hands, I have a tube by my kitchen sink & one in the bathroom at all times! Because it’s fast absorbing, I don’t have to worry about what I touch after applying to my hands.

Norwegian Formula Hand & Nail Cream:

The Neutrogena Norwegian Formula® Hand & Nail Cream is a luxuriously rich hand cream that melts into your hands and contains panthenol for complete hand and nail care. Its innovative formula makes nails twice as strong and helps soften cuticles as well as intensively moisturizing and nourishing the skin. Available in 75ml.

Neutrogena Hand & Nail Cream

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Ingredients: Click To ViewAqua, Glycerin, Isononyl Isononanoate, Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane,Cetearyl Alcohol, Behenyl Alcohol, Panthenol, Cyclohexasiloxane, Paraffinum Liquidum, Cetyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Phytantriol, Xylitol, Anhydroxylitol, Xylitylglucoside, Allantoin, Bisabolol, Trisiloxane, Cetearyl Glucoside, Paraffin, Cera Microcristallina, Ceteth-20, Steareth-20, PEG-75 Stearate, Xanthan Gum, VP/Hexadecene Copolymer, Tocopheryl Acetate, Disodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Parfum.

Softer Hands – Stronger Nails:

I was looking for an intense hand cream that wasn’t solely mineral oil based. This cream has higher levels of glycerin (the “Norwegian Formula”) making it very moisturizing, and the addition of panthenol has made a vast improvement to my brittle nails, they now look shiny, healthy and strong. A small amount can be used throughout the day to really keep my nails in perfect condition. I use it liberally at night, and also I wear cotton gloves to lock in moisture and really feel the benefits in the morning.

La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume Hands:

This is, without doubt, one of the best value hand creams, this isn’t a luxurious beauty treat, but instead, it’s indispensable for anyone who has irritated, over-worked hands in need of some affectionate TLC. A cream that is so insanely efficient you may wonder how you ever got by without as it soothes and restores the skin’s protective barrier.

Another plus point with this cream is it is so easy to use throughout your day time activities as it isn’t oily or sticky, it’s transparent and fast-absorbing, which is quite rare for a barrier cream. Also, it stays on your hand when in water, better than a lot of other hand creams, and there is much less skin dryness after washing up and hand washing.


La Roche-Posay Hand Cream

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It contains no parabens, no perfume, it’s non-comedogenic, 100 percent hypoallergenic and has been tested on sensitive skin. It also has an anti-histamine effect thanks to 4 percent niacinamide, which reduces inflammation and prevents cracked skin. If you have irritated, red, sore skin you will find this cream gives considerable relief.

Apply to clean hands throughout the day as required.

Available in 50 ml

Ingredients: Click To View Aqua / Water, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Cetearyl Alcohol, Niacinamide, Glyceryl Stearate, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter / Shea Butter, Dimethicone, PEG/PPG-18/18 Dimethicone, Glyceryl Stearate SE, Sodium Polyacrylate, Caprylyl Glycol, Phenoxyethanol. 

Great Value – Quality Product:

I have sensitive skin, and all through the winter months my hands get dry, sore and crack and sometimes even bleed. This hand cream is very soothing, non-greasy with no stinging, as it is not perfumed.

It soaks in quickly and thoroughly and doesn’t have an overpowering smell, making it ideal for everyday and nighttime use.

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Our Conclusion On Hand Creams:

For hands prone to chapping and eczema use La Roche Posay. Need sun protection anti-aging protection go with the Neutrogena range.

But Clarins is a cult classic; it’s been sustaining skin, strengthening nails and minimizing age spots for the last 30 years, and shows no signs of stopping.

Neutrogena cosmetics have an extensive history in skincare, their products help keep skin hydrated, offering sun protection in the belief that healthy skin helps create beautiful skin.

Have you used any of these hand creams? How did you find it worked for your hands? Please leave any comments or questions below, and I will be happy to discuss them with you.


Magic Saksak Silicone Dishwashing Brush Gloves Review

Magic gloves banner

Magic Saksak Silicone Dishwashing Brush Gloves are the perfect cleaning assistant in your life. These gloves are much more comfortable to use and clean with than standard rubber gloves.

Multi purpose magic glovesSee On – Amazon

Magic Saksak Dishwashing Gloves:

No more stripping natural oils from your hands at the kitchen sink ever again. Each glove has extended bristles on the palms and fingers that develops a rich lather making them perfect for washing the dishes.

washing dishes

You can now replace your old style scourer/brush and improve kitchen hygiene while protecting your skin.

Multiple Applications:

The Magic Gloves are ideal for use all around the home:

In the Kitchen/Bathroom

Heat Resistant – Move items from the hotplate

Washing Dishes

Cleaning Fruit & Vegetables

Pet Hair Care – Ideal for washing your pets

Car Washing – Ideal for hand washing the car

washing car

and all general household chores.

Clarins Hand & Nail View Our Recommendations on Hand Creams 


Magic Saksak Heat Resistant:

Up to 160 degrees heat-resistant make these gloves suitable to move hot dishes or to remove oven dishes. The Non-Slip textured surface ensures you get a safer grip and control of all kitchen utensils.

safety gloves

To prevent things from slipping through the gloves, we have added non-slip lines between the thumb and forefinger.

They are durable and tear resistant yet light on the hands easy to wear and use.

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Super Easy To Clean:

When you have finished using them, you just rinse with hot water or for a deeper cleansing they can be sterilized in boiled water, or put into the dishwasher.

easy to clean

The gloves are quick drying and hold no residue, anti-bacterial, and no losing shape, they are refreshed and ready to use.


Made with high-quality silicone. The gloves come with a 1-year warranty. They are strong and durable even after one year of use they retain a perfect shape and will outperform all standard kitchen gloves.


Material: Silicone rubber

Colour: multiple colours to choose from.


Elemis Cellutox Active Body Oil and Body Brushing Programme Review – Maintaining Healthy Skin

Elemis Skincare Products

Looking for a Cellulite Reducer + Help You Immune System? Try Elemis Cellutox Active Body Oil and Body Brushing Skin Brushing:

Elemis Cellutox – Body Brushing Cellulite Duo

Elemis body oil+brush

             See On –

Elemis Cellutox is technically an oil rather than a cream, but it’s so good that it has quite rightly earned the reputation for being one of the best cellulite treatments around.

As with many Elemis products, its enhanced with essential oils for what can only be labeled as that ‘spa retreat’ scent, containing sea fennel, sea buckthorn, lemon, and juniper.

These work to increase your circulation, this, in turn, is known to help break down cellulite.

Some of the Benefits of Dry Brushing:

Reduce Cellulite

Remove Dead Skin Cells

Increasing Blood Circulation and Lymphatic Drainage

Enhance Radiant Skin

stimulating the nervous system

Developing Muscle Tone

Cleans Out Pores

Elemis Cellutox Brushing Cellulite Programme:



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This is a 2-step program for tackling cellulite through exfoliating, stimulating, detoxifying and smoothing the body. Firstly use the Body Detox Skin Brush, this helps to Stimulate, Cleanse and Tone the skin. This body brush increases circulation and helps lymphatic drainage to flush away impurities as well as softening the skin and shedding dead skin cells.

Cellutox Active Body Oil:

Step two is to apply the Cellulite and body cleansing oil that Nourishes, Detoxifies, and Stimulates. This powerful blend of Sea Buckthorn, Sea Fennel, Lemon, and Juniper essential oils is the ideal body detox. Perfect when used as part of an anti-cellulite and body cleansing programme. Suitable for all skin types.

Application Steps:

girl back oil

Do This Daily – To begin with, Dry brush the skin before showering or bathing either in the morning or evening. By having the body dry makes it easier to brush and sweep away the dead skin cells. The bristles can also get a better purchase on the skin to pump and draw away the fluid in the lymphatic system that lies just beneath the skin’s layers. It’s important to remember ‘be gentle.’

Regardless of the texture of the bristles, you need only apply very soft pressure. You don’t want to harm your skin by brushing too hard, and too much pressure isn’t very effective for the lymphatic system.

Start at the soles of the feet and work with long sweeping movements up the legs towards the thighs and buttocks and gently over the abdomen, all the time moving towards the heart, paying extra attention to areas that are prone to cellulite.

Gently complete brushing the remaining areas, the arms, chest, back, and neck.

Frangipani Monoi Body Oil

Moisturising Body Oil Infused With Lush Frangipani.

Frangipani Monoi Body Oil

See On –

The Correct Direction of Brushing:

As one of the main benefits is to promote the lymph flow, it’s best to brush in the direction of the flow.

dry brushing directions

The photo above shows the direction of flow heading to the primary lymph nodes. Don’t get too confounded with remembering it, but when in doubt, aim for and brush up towards the joint areas, particularly the armpit and the hip/groin creases. When you are get used to dry skin brushing it only takes about 5 minutes to do the whole body.

You can now Indulge in a warm, powerful shower or bath to open the pores.

Dry pat your skin, then pour a small measure of the oil into the palms and gently massage into the body, paying particular attention to those problem areas, especially the thighs, buttocks, and abdomen.

Follow this programme daily to help stimulate and release toxins which can help to improve the appearance of cellulite.

Healthy Tip:

Keeping a healthy lifestyle while coping with a busy routine can be a massive test in today’s environment. The demands and pressure of everyday life can hinder good intentions and lead to a build-up of toxins in the body.

Elemis brush

Choosing simple detox regimes such as drinking a glass of warm water with added lemon or ginger, as well as exfoliating regularly will help cleanse the body, stimulate circulation and remove toxins.

Ingredients of Cellutox Active Body Oil:

Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon) Peel Oil, Limonene, Juniperus Communis Oil, Citral, Tocopherol, Linalool, Geraniol, Citronellol, Farnesol, Crithmum Maritimum Extract, Hippophae Rhamnoides Fruit Extract.

Active Ingredients:
Juniper, Lemon, Sea Fennel, Sea Buckthorn.

Conclusion Elemis Cellutox Active Body Oil:

I have to admit I was a little skeptical about dry skin brushing, but there was sufficient evidence to support its effectiveness and the fact that I could purchase the correct brush to use along with the body oil was a huge bonus.

Using the brush took a couple of goes to get used to, but i now body brush before my shower each morning, and it is something I thoroughly enjoy. It makes me feel wide awake and gets my day off to a good start. (Remember – Don’t wet the brush).
Following my shower I use the body oil: It only takes a couple of minutes to apply but is well worth the effort, and I can still feel a difference in the softness of my skin throughout the day and into the evening.
The fragrance of the oil is lovely; subtle and refreshing. I do see an improvement in my cellulite, and my skin complexion is definitely looking healthier. I can definitely recommend this product.

Further Reading: Best Cellulite Removal Treatment

Have you tried Elemis Cellutox or Dry Skin Brushing? Did find it beneficial to your overall health, and did it help to reduce your Cellulite?

I would like to hear your story. Please leave any comments or questions below, and I will be happy to discuss them with you.

Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Maintaining Healthy Skin

Olive Oil

Awarded World’s Best Olive Oil award four consecutive years Venta Del Barón Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Made in Andalusia, Spain. A blend of premium Hojiblanca & Picuda olives.

Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil

venta del baron poster

With Spain producing approximately half of the world’s olives, it comes as no surprise that the title of ‘World’s Best Olive Oil’ has been awarded to this Andalusian Extra Virgin Olive Oil for an impressive four consecutive years. Proffered in a beautiful glass bottle with a red wax seal, it contains a blend of highly regarded premium Hojiblanca and Picuda olives. The thick oil has a fragrant fruitiness which builds to a peppery spice on the tongue. You’ll want to savour the complex taste with good quality crusty bread.

Venta Del Baron Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml

venta baron olive oil
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Special Edition Venta Del Baron 500ml & Vinagre Jerez Reserva 250ml – Glass Bottles

olive oil and vinegar
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Venta Del Barón – Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 500ml x 3 Pack

3 bottles olive oil
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Spanish Heart Flag

Vueling Airlines - Photo showing holiday destinations

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Venta Del Barón – Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 2.5L

Tin olive oil small 2.5ltr
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Venta Del Barón – Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 500ml x 6 Pack

six bottles olive oil
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Venta del Barón is a unique Extra Virgin Olive Oil, it takes its name from the legend of the Baron of Santaella.

It comes from the Priego de Córdoba Designation of Origin, situated in the heart of Andalusia; it has a tiny area of cultivation, scarcely 30,000 hectares of hundred-year-old olives, partly inside the Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park. These distinctive characteristics, coupled with a unique microclimate, promise it produces olives of supremely high quality and distinctive character guarantees the oil they produce is worthy of international acclaim, as is the case for Venta del Barón.

The regulative board of the Priego de Córdoba Designation of Origin oversees the quality of the olive oils under their supervision and, particularly, the extra virgin olive oils, whose organoleptic attributes have led to this oil correctly being the standard-bearer for the ‘Mediterranean Diet.’


The regulative board of the Priego de Córdoba Designation of Origin oversees the quality of the olive oils under their supervision and, particularly, the extra virgin olive oils, whose organoleptic attributes have led to this oil correctly being the standard-bearer for the ‘Mediterranean Diet.’

In the heart of the Sierra de Priego, groups of traditional olive pickers, pick an initial selection of the green olives by hand at the start of the season. The Hojiblanca and Picuda varieties drop onto the sheet beneath the olive tree, fallen branches and leaves are removed, they are then placed into specially designed boxes so that the weight of the olives doesn’t damage the fruit.

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Harvesting Olives:

The olive pickers have a name for this called “peinar” (combing) and harvesting of the olives, a tradition that dates back almost 3,000 years.

The Almazara de Muela Olive Mill located in Priego de Córdoba is the destination for all the olive pickers. And so the pressing begins, it is carried out cold, reducing the extraction time and selecting only the best of all the oils, following the strict rules of the Priego de Córdoba Designation of Origin. This pressing is done just a few hours after the olives are picked (less than 10h), to help preserve all the aroma of the olives.

The end result is a dense and luminous oil which represents 10% of what could be extracted by other methods. It is this, the first juice of the virgin fruit, that gives the very best of all the oils. This is then left to ‘rest’ for a fortnight to decant using only gravity, and so become an authentic “Oleum ex Albis Ulivis” – olive oil made from green olives.


The taste of this olive oil brings you the intense fruitiness of green olive with a mix of grass, almond shells, banana and apple and subtle hints of tomato and artichoke.

The first taste you get in your mouth is sweet, followed by slightly bitter and spicy with a nutty aftertaste. All its tasting-olfaction attributes are very complex, balanced and harmonious.

The best aromatic complement for breakfast (with Rustic bread), aperitifs, salads and any dish to which it will bring its distinctive flavor.

What country does your favorite Extra Virgin Olive Oil come from? Do You prefer Extra Virgin Olive Oil over ordinary Olive Oil? Please leave any comments or questions below, and I will be happy to discuss them with you.