Benefits Of Drinking Water For Your Skin

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The Benefits of Water:

How often do you read about doctors advising us we are not drinking enough water? A lot, yet studies show that people do not like to drink water and many people find it difficult to drink the advised amount to keep their bodies functioning.

Pure, clear water is the lifeline our bodies depend on to be able to remain active. Without it, the human body would dehydrate, our vital organs would stop working, and we would eventually grind to a halt. Read on to learn the benefits of drinking water for your skin.

Our body mass is made up of approx’ 60-80% water, including organs, cells, skin, and tissues; our skin alone is 64% water. That figure tells us just how vital water is for our existence, and how reliant our body is on it. So, keep your body topped up with fresh water, and it is going to be extremely happy!

What Happens If You Don’t Drink Enough Water:

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You are going to start feeling pretty rough! Dehydration is not a pleasant feeling; your mouth will get very dry, this is telling you that you have gone far too long without water, and you need to start drinking water immediately.

Dehydration can lead to your blood pressure falling which in turn leads to headaches and dizziness, and your skin becomes dry and will lose its elasticity, very bad for those wrinkles!

All of this will leave you feeling tired and fatigued. So, isn’t all of that enough to make you want to keep those water levels up?

How can you avoid all these nasty side effects?

By drinking the stipulated amount recommended by doctors:

  • Men should drink approx’ 3 liters (about 13 cups) a day.
  • Women should drink approx’ 2.25 litres (about 9 cups) a day.

Refreshing Ways To Enjoy Drinking Water:

If you are having trouble drinking these amounts, you can break it down to just four to eight sips of water per hour; it’s easy to forget to do this if you’re busy at work and so busy that you don’t even realize that you are getting thirsty.

An excellent way to avoid this from happening is to keep a glass or bottle of water around you, just seeing it will make you want to keep sipping.

Try to create good habits, for example, every time you go to the bathroom incorporate drinking water, after answering the phone at work, take a sip of water, you will be surprised quickly it will become second nature and begin to increase your water intake.

Something else that you can try is to add a little flavor to your water. Some fruit or cucumber adds flavor without adding sugar; something else I find that helps is to drink sparkling water, adding a slice of lemon or a little ginger will give it a little variety.

You will be pleasantly surprised how, after you change those bad habits, and you start to drink more water your body begins to crave it and you’ll realise just how important it is for your body.

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Celebrities and Water:

Barely a week goes by without a superstar who swears their perfect skin and water and palm treescomplexion is all down to drinking liters of water per day, it even prevents them from aging, so they say!

However, despite all the benefits we get from water, very little research has been done to back this up. Some say that is due to the fact the ‘big’ pharmaceutical companies are unable to patent & sell water, so finding anyone to fund the research is near on impossible.

With regard to what actual information I could find, there was one study that looked into long-term benefits from water on skin health; this study was in 2007! They found drinking between 2 and 3 liters of water a day for four weeks changed skin density, and thickness. However, little information is out there on what this means for the appearance of your skin.

How Water Affects Your Skin:

If we benefit from drinking water and it improves our skin and overall appearance, does it matter that research hasn’t adequately confirmed the benefits gained from drinking water yet?

I think most people know that regardless of scientific proof or not water is going to do more good than harm. It is getting this message across to a higher number of people, and letting them know the benefits you can gain from monitoring how much water you drink during the day, and make sure you stick to it rigorously.

Our body needs water to help maintain optimum skin moisture and to deliver nutrients to the skin cells. It helps with replenishing the skin tissue and elasticity.

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With regard to our facial appearance, people should set themselves a little experiment. Aim to drink the correct amount of water for four weeks, take a before and after photo, and see if after the four weeks either you or other family members notice any benefits from drinking the purest drink of all! What have you got to lose?

By drinking the stipulated amount of water each day it can plump up the skin, in doing this, it can make wrinkles look less visible, and it also has a similar effect on pores.

Water could also help to prevent skin breakouts: if your intake is sufficient, it can decrease the concentration of oil on your skin.

Skin heavily covered in oil relative to water can lead to clogged pores with breakouts and blemishes, also by drinking the correct amount of water it can help with skin disorders like psoriasis, and eczema.

Water helps to generate new cells, so keeping your body hydrated will help keep the cycle of new hair and skin cells going, and that can only be a good thing in our search for perfect hair and skin.

You gain all of these benefits so long as you keep your water intake up to the required amount. Drinking water will mask the impurities, it doesn’t remove them, and if you withhold the water intake, your skin will show the original flaws again!

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Water Keeps The Body Stable:

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Water helps with the digestive system to flush toxins out of the body; this will help to give your skin a very healthy glowing appearance.

The skin is also a means to remove toxic chemicals from the body and controls the body temperature. It contains millions of small sweat glands just below its surface that are involved in the separation of pollutants from the blood.

These impurities are carried to the surface of the skin via pores. So when you perspire, toxins are brought to the surface of the skin for removal. If these are not removed from the body through proper hygiene and daily washing, they can lead to many health issues.

Spa’s have become very popular; people like to visit these places to detoxify and improve appearance and tighten the skin, this is done by having a session in a steam-room followed by a plunge into cool water.

If you are doing any physical training, make sure you drink plenty of water.

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When exercising, our body sweats, and we lose a lot of water content. It is our bodies way of lowering the body temperature so that we don’t overheat.

Muscles are 75% water, having enough water will prevent you from getting muscle cramps during exercise.

When you are sweating excessively, it is essential that body fluids get replenished so as not to dehydrate. Keep a bottle of water with you if you know you are going to be doing any physical exercise.

Dehydration can have fatal consequences.

Consistency is the word:

In everything we do in life, one of the keys to success is consistency!

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Drinking more water can change your life for the better. When you’re correctly hydrated, you can digest easier, sleep better, and think clearer, and the appearance of your skin will improve markedly. When you allow yourself to love the taste of water, and you will soon realize every sip is beneficial for you.

To reach your goal and to keep your body hydrated, you must act every single day.

Don’t give up, even if you genuinely struggle to reach the recommended amount, just by being consistent will lead you to excellent results!

How do you ensure you drink enough water each day? Please leave any comments or questions below, and I will be happy to discuss them with you.