Sisley Cellulinov Intensive Anti-Cellulite Body Care Review

Sisley is a family-owned French luxury beauty label, conceived by Hubert d’Ornano who was one of the first to use botanical extracts and fragrances in cosmetics.

Sisley ParisSisley Paris stands for ‘Quality Products.’ The company produces the highest quality skincare and make-up products, blending the best of nature and science. The brand is notable for its anti-aging range, face masks, and award-winning sun care. It is also well-known for its fine perfumes which are created in the tradition of the French ‘haute parfumerie.’

And the great minds at Sisley Research have been working vigorously to produce the latest cellulite-busting cream. Caffeine-enriched and crammed with essential oils, red algae, and longan seed extract to help even the skin’s exterior and roll over dimples, moisturizing, firming, and skin perfecting.

Innovative and comprehensive body care that you expect from Sisley:

A hefty price, yes, but it’s got high-quality results to go with it.

CELLULINOV – Intensive Anti-Cellulite Body Care

Cellulinov Sisley

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Cellulinov is an intensive anti-cellulite* cream which targets the appearance of cellulite thanks to an exceptional blend of vital plant-based ingredients and essential oils, emanating from the latest advances from Sisley Research Labs. Longan Seed, Indian Lotus, and Red Algae extracts are mixed with Caffeine and Cedrol to produce targeted action on the appearance of cellulite. Its creamy, velvety texture makes it ideal for prolonged massage into affected areas.

After four weeks’ you should find that Dimples are reduced, orange peel look on your skin is smoothed, the cellulite is visibly reduced (visually and upon pinching), and the silhouette reshaped. Skin is looking more beautiful: firmer, and feels incredibly soft, as if like new.


Active Ingredients:

Longan Seed: contouring active ingredient

Indian Lotus extract: contouring active ingredient

Red Algae: contouring active ingredient

*Caffeine,* Cedrol: contouring active ingredients

Soy: promotes collagen synthesis

Alkekengi Calyx: promotes collagen synthesis, anti-free radicals action

Ginkgo biloba Leaf extract: tones

Shea butter: nourishes, soothes, repairs, softens and protects

Sunflower and Rapeseed oils: nourish the skin

*Caffeine is favored in cosmetic products because it effectively enters the skin much more easily than similar compounds. According to research written by the US National Center for Biotechnology information, topical treatment creams containing 3% caffeine in their formulation had a definite effect in reducing cellulite, primarily by preventing excessive increase of fat in cells. *Refers to the appearance of cellulite*

How To Use:

Apply to areas of concern morning and evening, massage until the cream has been completely absorbed.

For Best Results:

Sisley Cellulinov Cellulite

Using on the thighs and buttocks – use both hands to encompass the thighs and apply firm pressure from the bottom of the thigh moving up to the top to encourage drainage. You can then use closed fists or a roller to vigorously massage the affected areas on the thighs and buttocks, using circular strokes.

Using on the stomach: unblock built-up tissue by gently pinching the skin across the surface of the stomach. Then engage the abdominal muscles and, using the palms of the hands, smooth the skin outwards from the navel. Finish with circular movements upon the hips.

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Have you tried any Sisley Paris Products? Did any of them help to reduce your Cellulite? I would like to hear your story. Please leave any comments or questions below, and I will be happy to discuss them with you.

4 Replies to “Sisley Cellulinov Intensive Anti-Cellulite Body Care Review”

  1. Hi Jo, I thought I would let you know that I purchased the Sisley Cellulinov cream and over the last few weeks have been pleased with the results especially on my thighs… I have been recommending it to my friends, and to let your readers know that this cream really does make a difference to Cellulite.

    1. Hi Jenny, it is great to hear you are seeing positive results using Cellulinov. Remember to be quite firm when massaging into the problem area, and to use it as part of a ‘cellulite program’ that includes regular exercise a good diet plan. Make sure to read our post on Mediterranean Food

  2. Hi I know this is expensive to buy, but after trying ‘cheaper’ products I have gone back to paying for this ad it is the only thing that I find improved the appearance of my cellulite… pricey .. but worth it

  3. A friend of mine bought this and used it for a couple of months, I was so impressed with the improvement on her thighs that i have decided to give it a try. I’m hoping to see the same results as I hate the cellulite marks on my legs, fingers crossed!

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